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Floor Safety Dealer Opportunities
The National Floor Safety Group – Is Expanding To Your Area!

Make Money Making Floors Safe
Become part of The National Floor Safety Group, expand your services by offering an extensive line of anti slip products that will increase your income.

Money Making Opportunity
This outstanding opportunity has growth potential, limited competition and high margin products. Expand your business by offering specialized services, saving your customers money and eliminating one of their most costly concerns - Slip and Fall Accidents…Employee and Public Safety.

Niche Market – Great Potential
Slip and fall accidents are the number one avoidable expense in most industries today. With the growing costs of compensation claims, insurance premiums and lawsuits, building owners and managers are looking for solutions. The National Floor Safety Group has the solutions.

Grow Your Business
Enhance the growth of your existing business by adding The National Floor Safety Program as a service that will help build your customer relations. Floor safety will open many new doors, generate new customer leads and increase your revenues substantially.

Look at the customers you have now. Do they have a problem with slip and fall accidents? Expand into this market – floor safety is a costly concern in every industry.

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b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Recreation Facilities b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Locker Rooms b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Warehouses
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Retirement Homes b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Grocery Stores b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Pubs
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Fast Food Restaurants b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Spas b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Banks
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Institutional Kitchens b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Medical Clinics b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Hospitals
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Government Facilities b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Swimming Pools b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Motels
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Sports Centers Hotels b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Homes b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Restaurants
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Shopping Centers b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Nursing Homes b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Airports
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Department Stores b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Laundry Facilities b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Water Parks
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Property Managers b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Correctional Institutions

Slip And Fall Accidents Cost Money

The National Floor Safety Group is looking for self-motivated entrepreneurs seeking unique opportunities to expand their existing business. Flooring Companies, Tile Contractors, Installers, Coatings Specialists, Matting Companies, Carpet Cleaners, Contract Cleaners, Building Contractors or any related industry. Floor Safety is a customer service that will enhance virtually any business.

You can become part of The National Floor Safety Group as an Applicator for less than $600.00.  Optional packages are available which include all equipment necessary for the Application of any of our products.

How to Become a Dealer
You can contact us and an information package will be forwarded to you regarding pricing.


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