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Slip Testing
Ensure Your Floors are SAFE Today!
SLIP TESTING is a service provided to improve safety and reduce negligence. Our Slip Meter tests the Coefficient of Friction (COF) level of your floors and we will provide you with valuable and accurate data about the safety levels of any floor.

Regulatory boards recommend standards that must be met to reduce your liability, SLIP TESTING and our Safety Log will provide you with information to prove your floors will meet the required standards. Walkways and floor surfaces are traditionally recognized as safe if the COF is 0.50 and above. Until now there has been no way for our customers to be certain if a problem exists or if so, how serious it is. The absence of this knowledge has been cause for expensive litigation, high WCB premiums, and punitive fines for noncompliance of the regulations set by The Canadian General Standards Board.

SLIP TESTING & The Safety Log Will Provide The Following
Date of Test Being Performed
Name of Person Conducting the Test
Location Being Tested - The Floor Area
Test Results Under Dry Conditions (in specific area)
Test Results Under Wet Conditions (in specific area)
The Type of Material Used for Testing - Rubber or Leather
Comments on Results, or Conditions

When new, almost all floors will have a minimum COF reading of 0.50 or above in dry conditions. However, when a floor is subjected to water or other liquid spills the COF will drop dramatically. SLIP TEST readings are provided in wet and dry conditions using specific test samples of footwear materials (rubber and leather).


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