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Safety Grooving

What Is Safety Groovingbrochure_grooving.jpg (6566 bytes)
Safety Grooving is a patented "scoring" process, done with special diamond tools, that cut concentric circular grooves into existing floor surfaces creating instant traction improvement on slippery floors. These shallow circular grooves act like treads on a tire to help channel water away from the sole of the shoe and minimize hydroplaning. The result is a floor surface which exceeds the highest safety standards for slip resistance, as established by the Ceramic Tile Institute.

What Surfaces Will It Work On?
The Safety Grooving Process
How Safety Grooving is Installed
Maintaining Safety Grooved Floors
Proven Results from Safety Grooving
Coefficient of Friction On Grooved Tiles
Cost Savings
Safety Grooving Price List
Why Safety Grooving?

This preferred traction enhancement process could be applied to virtually any hard floor surface, in any area where slip and fall accidents tend to occur frequently.

tile_bank.jpg (10334 bytes)What Surfaces Will It Work On?
Safety Grooving was initially developed for the restaurant industry to reduce slips and falls on wet, greasy kitchen floor surfaces. Today, in addition to restaurant kitchens, you will find Safety Grooving used in commercial kitchens such as colleges, universities and banquet facilities. Safety Grooving has also been installed in hotel entryways, walkways, on loading docks, handicapped ramps, concrete decks around swimming pools, in locker rooms at country clubs, on cart paths at golf courses, shower areas and kitchen areas in hospitals and prisons with excellent results.

b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Brick b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Ceramic tile
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Concrete b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Exposed aggregate
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Glazed tile b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Marble
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Porcelain tile b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Quarry tile
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Quartz filled epoxy b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Terrazzo
b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Slate b_gold.gif (115 bytes) Terracotta tile

The Safety Grooving Process
Using patented diamond tools, multiple concentric circles are scored into the floor surface to a depth of about 30 thousandths of an inch, or the "thickness of a credit card". These shallow grooves help channel liquids away so that they are not trapped as a lubricating film between the sole of the shoe and the floor surface. The shoe retains better contact with the floor surface and traction is improved, even when the floor is wet or greasy.

How Safety Grooving is Installed aplication1.jpg (5537 bytes)
A Safety Grooving Installation Crew works with a specially designed grooving cart, which has a high speed drill motor. Attached to the drill assembly are the patented diamond cutting disks. A water source is connected to the machine, this water is used to lubricate and cool the diamond bits as it suspends the cutting residue in liquid slurry.

The Grooving Machine is positioned over the area to be scored and the cutting disk is lowered to the floor surface. Depending on the hardness of the material being Safety Grooved and the desired groove depth, each cut takes from five to twenty seconds to complete. The machine is moved to the next spot and aplication2.jpg (8374 bytes)the process is completed.

In a typical installation, a two-person installation crew can complete 500 to 800 square feet in an eight-hour shift.

There are number of variables, which determine how large of an area can be Safety Grooved in a given period of time. The hardness of the floor material, the number of cuts per square foot and available drainage are the major factors.


Safety Grooving Specifications:
Groove Pattern - Multiple, (2,3 or 4), concentric circles

Groove Width:
0.350 inch to 0.375 - (3/8th of an inch wide)

Groove Depth:
0.020 to 0.040 inch, depending on the application

The depth of the Groove is about the thickness of a credit card and half the depth of the adjacent grout joints.

groove3.jpg (4831 bytes)Maintaining Safety Grooved Floors
Safety Grooved floors and decks are easily cleaned. In most cases, all that is required is an occasional wash-down with strong stream of water. In food production and other areas commonly exposed to grease the following, more aggressive, cleaning procedure is recommended.

  1. Sweep the floor to remove debris
  2. Soak the floor with HOT water, using a mild degreaser if necessary
  3. Scrub the floor with a deck brush.
  4. Rinse the floor with HOT water
  5. Remove standing wash water with a Wet-Vac or Sponge squeegee

A Safety Groove’s concentric circular pattern is about as wide as a tile grout joint, and only one third the depth. So if you clean the grout, the grooved pattern will be a pushover. Local and state health departments across the country including the Sate groove2.jpg (4865 bytes)of California have recommended Safety Grooving as the cleanable, accepted means of reducing slips and falls. You no longer have to worry about ugly, uncleanable mats or any temporary solutions that are less effective the more they are cleaned.

Proven Results from Safety Grooving
Historically, Safety Grooving has had an exceptional record of performance for example, Wendy’s International showed a 55% reduction in slips and falls in their original safety study in 1993. Kentucky Fried Chicken reduced their slips and falls 70% in theirtile_bank2.jpg (9455 bytes) preliminary study in 1995 and was so pleased with the results that they have contracted to complete their remaining company owned units nationwide. Hardee’s Restaurants completed their safety survey in August of 1995 and showed an 84% reduction in slips and falls. These reductions in the number of accident at the Safety Grooved stores are saving several hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers compensation claims, potential lawsuits and training of new employees. Since slip resistant properties of Safety Grooved floors are permanent, these reductions and savings can be expected to continue indefinitely.

Recommended for use in:
Manufacturing Plants Golf Courses Showers
Recreation Facilities Locker Rooms Warehouses
Retirement Homes Grocery Stores Pubs
Fast Food Restaurants Spas Banks
Institutional Kitchens Medical Clinics Hospitals
Government Facilities Swimming Pools Motels
Sports Centers Homes Restaurants
Shopping Centers Nursing Homes Airports
Department Stores Laundry Facilities Water Parks
Property Managers Correctional Institutions
Cafeterias Parks

Coefficient of Friction On Grooved Tiles
The Ceramic Tile Institute identifies a rating of 0.60 as slip resistant, 0.50-0.60 as conditionally slip resistant, and below 0.50 as questionable. It has been determined by laboratory testing that Safety Grooved tiles consistently measure well above the determined threshold for absolute slip resistance. Safety Grooving is the "one of a kind" process that achieves high levels of slip resistance for the entire life of the surface grooved.

Increased Traction With Safety Grooving
Safety Grooving Test
Co-efficient of Friction Tests
(Copies available upon request)

For more information on our testing please view our slip testing information page.

Cost Savings
Safety Grooving sits very high on the cost/benefit curve. In a typical restaurant kitchen with a heavy traffic area of 400 square feet, a Safety Grooving installation costs less then $1400.00. This is a one-time charge. Unlike most other traction enhancement products, Safety Grooving is permanent. Safety Grooved floors retain their effectiveness without reapplication or special maintenance (in the long run saving you money).
groove1.jpg (8003 bytes)

Today, in the USA, the average cost to an employer for a slip/fall accident is more than $8,000.00. The entire cost of a typical Safety Grooving Installation will be instantly recovered if one accident is prevented. Safety Grooving can reduce the number of accidents by 84% or more, according to safety surveys of restaurants where Safety Grooving has been installed.

feet.jpg (8242 bytes)Why Safety Grooving?
Safety Grooving is the most effective least costly way to improve traction on wet floor surfaces. This process offers many advantages over other traction enhancement methods. Unlike safety mats, paint, acid etching or other chemical treatments, Safety Grooving retains its effectiveness indefinitely, without special maintenance or periodic reapplication. Mats wear out and are costly to replace. Acid Etching treatments can weaken the floor structure, often reducing its useful life. Paint, as well as acid etching and other chemical treatments must be periodically reapplied. These types of treatments begin to wear away as soon as they are applied.

Reduces Costly Law Suits
Reduces Compensation Claims
Reduces Increased Insurance Premiums
Provides Superior Traction
Can be installed on existing floors & walkways
Reduces Slip Fall accidents by 70%
Attractive and inexpensive
No Downtime - Overnight Installations
Dust Free
Chemical Free
Proven Track Record Nationally
No special maintenance required
No future reapplication expense
Will not discolor, chip or peal
Improves traction on wet and greasy floor surfaces
Retains its effectiveness indefinitely
Approximate cost per square foot $3.25 to $3.50

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

"We have not had any employee falls since we added the non-slip scoring to the tiles, compared to numerous falls prior. We consider the Safety Grooving one of the best management decisions we have made."
Charles Hill, Owner of Zenith Investments
(d.b.a. Wendy’s)

tile_bank2.jpg (9455 bytes)
"With the amount of tiled floor space and the number of employees we have, finding a viable alternative to replacing aging rubber mats had become a pressing safety issue. Since the Safety Grooving work has been completed, slip/fall accidents have been cut dramatically. The grooved tiles retain all of their strength and will most certainly out last any rubber mat in our restaurant. With minimal training of staff, and no additional labor, the tiles are easily cleaned after each shift. An additional benefit we have found comes from the visual aspect of the grooved tiles - our staff seems to pay far more attention to how and where they are stepping because of this."

Dwight Colton, Manager The Fish Market Restaurant,
San Diego, California
"Safety Grooving has not only proven to be a very valuable investment in the area of safety, but it has also increased the attractiveness of our Water Park facility. Many positive comments have been made about the grooves by our visitors, without the realization that (the grooves’) primary function is safety."
Dave Wetmore, Deputy Director Leisure
Services for the City of Antioch

The National Floor Safety Group Ltd. exclusively offers Safety Grooving in North America, with independent dealers, professionally trained to install Safety Grooving on existing floor surfaces.

Over 30 years of making floors safer.
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