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brochure_nevrslip.jpg (6257 bytes)What is NEV-R-SLIP 
NEV-R-SLIP is an invisible etching treatment designed to prevent slipping on tile floors exposed to large amounts of water. Best results are achieved in wet areas where there is barefoot traffic, like showers, change rooms, pool decks, hot tub or hydro bathrooms and spas. NEV-R-SLIP is especially effective in bathtubs.

NEV-R-SLIP works on hard mineral surfaces like ceramic, quarry, and porcelain tiles, concrete and terrazzo indoor or outdoor. NEV-R-SLIP reacts with the silica composition in the surface to gently roughen it up. Once the surface has been "etched", the effect of hydroplaning has been reduced dramatically.

NEV-R-SLIP has been in the market for over 20 years and has been used in thousands of installations with excellent results. There is only a slight visible difference in surfaces treated. The color of the treated surface will not be altered, but will take on a satin-like finish. A treatment will last up to 3 years on a tile floor and 5 years in a bathtub. The traction created with NEV-R-SLIP will meet or exceed ASTM Standards.

The NEV-R-SLIP Reaction on a Tile
Where NEV-R-SLIP Works
Slip Test Results With NEV-R-SLIP 
How Long Will NEV-R-SLIP Last?
History of NEV-R-SLIP 
Who Applies NEV-R-SLIP 
The Ideal Use For NEV-R-SLIP 
How Long Does A NEV-R-SLIP Treatment Take
Cost of a NEV-R-SLIP 

The NEV-R-SLIP Reaction on a Tile
NEV-R-SLIP is effective when applied to a tile floor and allowed to sit on the surface for a short period of time. During this time silica is removed from the surface of the tile which leaves thousands ofPool microscopic cups in the tile. This reaction acts like millions of tiny suction cups on the surface. When a foot is pressed onto the wet surface the sole forces the water out and a partial vacuum creates slip resistance on the tile. The same reaction is effective in Bathtubs

NEV-R-SLIP  requires no down time as applications are normally done after hours to avoid interruptions in your day. A surface treated with NEV-R-SLIP is easy to clean and very durable, requiring no special maintenance.

NEV-R-SLIP Works on Tubs and Tile Floors
Recommended for use in:
Apartments Golf Clubs Showers
Condominiums Locker Rooms Spas
Retirement Homes Swimming Pools Hotels / Motels
Sports Centers Homes Restaurants
Hospitals Nursing Homes Water Parks
Laundry Facilities Correctional Institutions

Slip Test Results With NEV-R-SLIP 
The etching effect created with NEV-R-SLIP will meet or exceed ASTM Standards.

Increased Traction on Tile Treated with NEV-R-SLIP 
Traction Test on Tile Treated with NEV-R-SLIP
Co-efficient of Friction Tests by Warnock Hersey
(Copies available upon request)

For more information on our testing please view our slip testing information page.

Can You See The Effects Of NEV-R-SLIP?
A NEV-R-SLIP   Treatment is virtually invisible, with only a slight difference in appearance following a treatment. The surface colour will not be altered, but will take on a light satin finish.

How Long Will NEV-R-SLIP   Last?
A NEV-R-SLIP treatment will last up to 3 years on a tile floor and 5 years in a bathtub. NEV-R-SLIP has the most favorable and long lasting results in wet areas with barefoot traffic.

PoolHistory of NEV-R-SLIP 
NEV-R-SLIP has been used favorably for over 20 years as the only method of slip resistance alteration to tile floors. Until recently acid etching was the only method in which existing surfaces could be altered to increase the friction level. With the development of new technology and the introduction of AST in our floor safety line, we are finding NEV-R-SLIP is now used more for the purpose of alternate pricing when quoting, and for competitive comparisons.

NEV-R-SLIP is a key product in our line due to the outstanding results it has on bathtubs, its ease of installation and maintenance, and its durability.

Who Applies NEV-R-SLIP 
NEV-R-SLIP is extremely easy to install.  With each purchase detailed instructions are provided.  If you prefer an existing dealer can apply NEV-R-SLIP for you

The Ideal Use For NEV-R-SLIP  
NEV-R-SLIP is an outstanding product on tile floors that are exposed to a large amount of water, such as shower areas, change rooms, pool decks, hot tub or hydro bathrooms and bathtubs. NEV-R-SLIP is recommended in wet areas where there is barefoot traffic.  
Locker Rooms
Shower Stalls
Hot Tub Areas
Bath Rooms
Swimming Pools
Change Rooms
Dish Rooms
tub.jpg (3644 bytes)

How Long Does A NEV-R-SLIP Treatment Take
NEV-R-SLIP requires no down time, as our trained applicators will come in after hours to avoid any interruption in your day. Over 300 square feet can be treated in an hour. Most sites can be done in one evening.

Cost of a NEV-R-SLIP Treatment
Cost of Nev-R-Slip tub treatment can be applied for as little as $14.95.

The National Floor Safety Group Ltd. exclusively offers NEV-R-SLIP  in North America, with independent dealerswoman.jpg (5265 bytes) professionally trained to apply NEV-R-SLIP to existing floor surfaces.

Over 30 years of making floors safer.
To be connected with a local dealer please
contact us.

AST (Anti Slip Treatment)
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